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Diana Soleil, designer vegan handbags for the working woman. Montreal is one of the top fashion districts in Canada. A melting pot of creativity, art and fashion. The spirit of the city inspires Diana Soleil Collection. Each handbag has been designed to represent "Montreal style", with intricate details and textures to add a little personal touch. Vegan Leather Designer Handbags Montreal.


Our Products

Our products, made by Diana Soleil, designed in montreal. 


Diana Soleil,

A handbag is a staple to everyone’s wardrobe. When seeking quality, consumers often turn to designer labels, potentially causing thousands of dollars in damages to ones credit card. There is an abundance of fast fashion retailers pumping out low quality bags at high volume, but the synthetic leather and materials of these bags never last beyond a few months. Currently, there is a lack of companies providing budget friendly, high quality and stylish handbags in the Canadian market. 

Diana Soleil vegan handbags are designed to represent the Montreal style, with intricate details and textures to add a personalized touch. All products are made from 100% vegan leather, removing animal cruelty from the design process. Sets produced under the Diana Soleil label are created with inclusivity in mind, that a woman of any age or preference can find something she likes.

The combination of colour, textiles and detail for each bag will emulate a sumptuous aesthetic, the very same you might imagine to be present at the runway show of a mainstay brand during Paris Couture Week.

We use high quality PU leather, that is animal cruelty free. The material itself can withstand cold temperatures making it perfect for our Canadian weather. We try to use only recycled plastic linings for our handbags. We pride ourself in making  zero waste as possible during production - all left over material will be reused to create small trimmings for the handbag including key chains, pullers and tassels.

We would like to let our customers know that an Eco-Friendly approach to production is what we are proud of, and would like to thank all of our clients for appreciating it.